Officially launched in Vietnam at the end of 2013, Lexus continues its legend by bringing a wonderful experience journey to each customer through 02 genuine Lexus Thang Long dealers in Hanoi and Lexus Saigon Center in Ho Chi Minh City.
Since its launch, Lexus has introduced to Vietnamese customers 8 quintessential car models: LS, GS, ES, LX, GX, RX, NX and RC with 11 versions LS 500h, GS 350, GS Turbo , ES 350, ES 250, LX 570, GX 460, RX 350, RX Turbo, NX 300, RC Turbo with a variety of colors to suit the preferences of each customer. Charming yet powerful, stylish yet comfortable, high performance yet eco-friendly. Combining the exhilarating performance of an internal combustion engine with the optimal fuel efficiency of a self-loading electric motor, Lexus' innovative Hybrid Technology affirms the class of a stylish luxury brand.

In addition to the bold L-finesse design language along with the world's leading pioneering technology, the luxury car brand from Japan also leaves its mark on top service and customer care, based on the famous Japanese spirit of hospitality Omotenashi. Along with a strong transformation with the message "Experience Amazing", Lexus is continuing to create a classy lifestyle for brand lovers in Vietnam.

At this year's exhibition, Lexus will bring the latest luxury cars to Vietnam for the first time, in a brand space with bold designs that embody a classy lifestyle.

We hope that visitors will have great experiences at Vietnam Motor Show 2022 and Lexus
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